"If we are moving in together, do I have responsibility for my partner's children from a former relationship?"

Blended families are increasingly common. In practice, how you relate to your partner’s children from a previous relationship will differ depending on your specific circumstances. As an unmarried partner, you are not legally a step-parent in the same way that you would be if you were married to your partner, although you may be treated like one if that feels right for the child. 

You do not have parental responsibility for your partner’s child, meaning that you are not responsible for making key decisions about the child. However, you are always responsible for their welfare and safety when the child is in your care. 

Legally, you are not financially responsible for the child of your partner from a previous relationship, although you may agree to share their costs in practice. The extent to which you choose to do so may have some legal implications e.g. in the event of your death, so you should take legal advice in order to understand your legal position.

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