"Am I responsible for my partner’s child from a previous relationship after we have separated?"

Legally, a child is the responsibility of their parents. Although it is possible to make financial claims against a step-parent on a divorce if a child has been treated as a child of the family, it is not possible to bring financial claims for a child against a former unmarried partner who is not the legal or biological parent. 

Conversely, although claims cannot be brought against during an ex-partner’s life time, it is important to remember that, if the child has been financially dependent upon that partner during the relationship, there may be a claim against the partner’s estate in the event of their death.

The extent to which an ex-partner, who is not the child’s parent, will continue to have a relationship with the child will depend on the specific family’s circumstances and the relationship that the partner and child have built up during the relationship. 

You should always take legal advice to understand your position and the options available.

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